Welcome back!  We are starting an exciting new season! A big thank you to  our members, supporters, and the great audiences that have attended our events.


EDWARD LUENGO (cello): Scholarship-$1000 per term until graduation.
FREDERICK HOLMAN (alto saxophone)-$1000: The Wilder Family Award
ALEXANDER MABRICH (tuba)-$750: The Coopman and Albuerne Familes Award in honor of Lois England
JOSIAH BLANCHETTE (violin)-$500- The Chai and Robert J. Coopman Award in honor of Edith Sorin

Many $500 Summer Study Grants for High School and Jr. High were awarded-winners were notified by email.
Special thanks to Ruth Vickers and an anonymous donor for making 2 additional grants possible.

During the 2014-15 academic year we will be providing college scholarships to 8 music students.



THE MUSIC CLUB OF HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA has been in continuous existence for more than 60 years with a focused purpose of investing in the future of music through music scholarships, regular meetings to enjoy local artists, member sing-alongs, and providing music appreciation classes for music enthusiasts. Our club's regular season runs from October through May, but also includes summer music studies. The Music Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

 The Club also enriches the broader Hollywood community by organizing and sponsoring concerts and events. The Club embraces both new memberships and partnerships with local cultural organizations and businesses.

We co-sponsor music appreciation classes with the Friends of the Libraries in the local community and county, as well as city parks and recreation facilities.  We hold private concerts and events and we have an annual fundraiser and banquet in the spring.  The highlight is our annual scholarship auditions in April.


 We have been granting scholarships for music education to talented Broward and Miami- Dade County (Florida)          students for more than 60 years. We have two scholarship award tracks - one for college or college-bound music majors and one for high school aged students for summer music programs.

 We now have more than 50 performances or music studies a year in classical, jazz and folk formats. Our college scholarship students are required to give one performance a year (usually around Christmas) and these events showcase very gifted performers.

For questions about our scholarship program, please contact MCOHScholarship@gmail.com. For info on membership or programs: musicclubhollywood@gmail.com



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