Read About Music Club of Hollywood Florida
The Music Club of Hollywood Florida (MCOHF) is a member of the Florida Federation of Music Clubs (FFMC) and the National Federation of Music Clubs.

We are a community of music enthusiasts, musicians, artists, teachers, retirees who want to learn everything about music. MCOH provides free music appreciation classes, gives away scholarships to young, deserving music students and provides an appreciative audience for musicians. We have sing-alongs, members only concerts, special invitations, and be part of our musical family.

Join us and become a member for only $45 per year and attend dozens of musical programs hosted by the Music Club of Hollywood Florida. As well as attending other concerts in Broward, Miami, and West Palm Beach. Contact us today.

About Our Organization (MCOHF)
STUDENTS (ever-increasing number)

Meet The Music Teachers
& Members of the MCOHF

Teachers who are members of the Music Club of Hollywood Florida may enter students in FFMC Festival events.

The club periodically requests that member teachers provide programs with their students for the club. The club provides an appreciative audience and enthusiasm for promoting young musicians that exists no where else!

The membership of the Music Club of Hollywood Florida consists of music enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Some are life-long musicians, some are new in music careers, some are past scholarship recipients and many are simply those who love and appreciate all things musical!

Members of the MCOHF